Adam Chandler

Adam Chandler is a journalist and author based in New York.

About Adam

Adam Chandler is a journalist and author based in New York. A former staff writer at The Atlantic, his work has also appeared in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Vox, Slate, New York Magazine, Texas Monthly, Esquire, TIME, and elsewhere. He writes the Gastro-nomics column for Marker along with a newsletter called The Crunchwrap.

Chandler is the author of Drive-Thru Dreams: A Journey Through the Heart of America's Fast-Food Kingdom,(Flatiron/Macmillan), which was named an NPR Favorite Book of the Year, an Amazon Best Book of the Year, and a Smithsonian Best Food Book of the Year.

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Drive-Thru Dreams

Drive-Thru Dreams (Flatiron, 2019) looks at American culture, history, and identity through the prism of fast food.


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