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Adam Chandler Society

Are you looking for Adam Chandler, the all-star lawyer? Or Adam Chandler, the dancer/singer/cabaret performer? Or perhaps Chandler the chocolatier, marketing guru, or the cricket star? (Did you know there is actually a wedding singer named Adam Chandler out there?)


Well, unfortunately, this isn’t their website. Still, the Adam Chandler Society would like pay homage to the works of all Adam Chandlers, even the one who was recently charged with fourth-degree criminal possession of marijuana. In particular, the ACS honors our patron saint, Adam Chandler, the paterfamilias of the Chandler clan on the legendary soap opera All My Children. As you might know, during the 41 years that the show ran, Chandler married at least eight times, had nine children (only five of whom survived), and was a prolific schemer, murderer, and all-around cad. May his name be a blessing.

If you are an unaffiliated Adam Chandler and would like to be featured on this page, please contact the ACS here.

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