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Selected Appearances

Television & Documentaries

The Food That Built America (History)

CBS Sunday Morning

The Today Show

Modern Marvels (History)

The ‘80s (National Geographic)

Hardball With Chris Matthews (MSNBC)

The Fast History Of... (History)

CBS This Morning

Houston Life (KPRC)

BBC The Context 

BBC World News America

Sidetalk NYC

Radio & Podcasts

On Point (NPR)

Planet Money (NPR)

Morning Edition (NPR)

1A (NPR)

The Doughboys

Boston Public Radio (WGBH)

99% Invisible

A People's History of Kansas City (NPR)

Special Sauce (Serious Eats)

Proof (America's Test Kitchen)

The Takeaway (PRI)

Our American Stories (APR)

Milk Street Radio

Central Standard (NPR)

Houston Matters (HPM)


Panels & Lectures

Columbia MFA

Sarah Lawrence MFA

NYU Creative Writing 

GW University Journalism 

Reducetarian Summit

El Al Hamantaschen Eating Championship

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